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Madrid is known as the city that actually never lays down with an articulated culture of beginning the night with tapas, cañas (Spanish for lagers) and companions before proceeding with copas (Spanish for blended beverages) in a bar and in the long run celebrating it up throughout the night in one of the various top clubs. In this article we are not posting the best standard clubs, however demonstrating to you Madrid’s differing nightlife with the best setting of every sort. 

In 2003, the previous airplane shelter opened its ways to be “Madrid’s Clubbing Mecca” with an expected limit of 10.000 gathering individuals on two move floors and a tremendous outside porch. As per DJ Mag, Fabrik was positioned number 37 of every 2018 among the world’s best clubs is W88club being close by with Ibiza crème de la crème and other top clubs far and wide. 

The gathering schedule at Fabrik is a blend of long running gathering occasion arrangement, for example, GOA and SuperMartXé combined with more current super undertakings, for example, elRow and CODE blending music styles from Techno to Electro to House. The rundown of acclaimed DJ’s is long and symbols, for example, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, Sven Väth, Marco Carola, Luciano are standard visitors. 

The exhibition is gathered together by the first class hardware Fabrik has work in: Latest sound framework, CO2 guns, lasers and LED screens which are accentuating the occasion occurring. 

The clothing standard at Fabrik is exceptionally loose. The principle criteria is that you come to have a fabulous time and offer a remarkable night with your companions and other gathering darlings from around the globe. Wear agreeable materials and be prepared for a difficult night. 

Gatherings at Fabrik are generally facilitated on Fridays and Saturdays just as the evenings before bank occasions. Tickets can be purchased online which is the suggested alternative just as at the entryway. Costs more often than not shift somewhere in the range of 15€ and 60€ relying upon the occasion and DJ’s contracted for the evening. Uncommon evenings, for example, New Year’s Eve will cost significantly more. 

The setting is situated in the edges about 30km from Madrid’s downtown area. Transports are leaving from 23:30 at regular intervals from Plaza España and we prescribe you to arrive ahead of schedule to appreciate the acclaimed closely following which is occurring on the parking area of the club. 

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to go? In the event that you adore uber gatherings and top DJ’s and wear not have any desire to go as fas as Ibiza, Fabrik is certainly the spot to be. 

Teatro Kapital 

Teatro Kapital MadridTeatro Kapital is the mammoth among Madrid’s dance club. It used to be a theater and on its seven stories the club offers something for every single taste: House Music, Hip Hop, Latin Music, Karaoke, Cocktail Bar and even a housetop porch during late spring. 

Regarding generation, Teatro Kapital has artists dressed by the topic of the night performing together with the DJ’s dramatic. The DJ’s are for the most part the occupant DJ’s which are pivoting and now and again a visitor DJ. Not to overlook the enormous CO2 gun which shoots ordinary from the highest point of the club down on the primary floor and makes the group say “goodness”. 

The customers of the club is a blend of local people and visitors. Dismissals are a typical marvel at the entryway. So ensure you coordinate the exquisite profile the club is searching for and bring legitimate documentation (visa for non-EU nationals). 

Teatro Kapital is consistently open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On Thursday the group is youthful and it feels more to be an understudy party though Fridays and Saturdays the profile is somewhat more established with a normal period of around 25 years. Rather than a list if people to attend, Teatro Kapital works with a QR Discount Code. You request it online here, spare it on your telephone, share it with your companions (it is significant that every one has it on the telephone) and show it at the money point for the limited passage of 17€ including 2 beverages in the event that you enter the club before 1:30am. 

Teatro Kapital is midway situated alongside Atocha and in this manner simple to go after individuals living in the downtown area just as for individuals originating all things considered. 

Remember to look at our blog pretty much all you have to know before going to Teatro Kapital here! 

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to go? Teatro Kapital is practically similar to a landmark in the city and you ought to have seen it at any rate once during your stay in Madrid. 

Screwing Monday 

As indicated by the notable German paper “Kick the bucket Zeit” you have not done your investigation abroad in Madrid on the off chance that you have not been at Fucking Monday! Since 2012 Madrid’s most famous universal gathering is uniting a huge worldwide group to begin the week together in the most ideal manner: Partying! 

From English and Spanish talking entryway staff to scaled down beverage costs to two stories of music, Fucking Monday has numerous positive characteristics that make it a fix arrangement for youthful internationals in Madrid. Come and look at it yourself! 

The air and customers at Fucking Monday is worldwide. The music on the primary floor is a business music blend with the top hits from over a wide span of time and on the upper floor the emphasis is on Hip Hop, RNG, Trap and Regaetton. Dress to intrigue and carry substantial documentation to ensure the section is smooth. 

Screwing Monday happens each Monday throughout the entire year at Sala Cool among Callao and Plaza España which makes it simple to reach by open transportation and notwithstanding strolling for individuals living in the downtown area. Snap here to jump on the list of attendees and get the best bargains! 

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to go? Screwing Monday is the blend of Madrid’s global understudy network. Regardless of whether you need simply have a beverage with companions, meet new individuals or need to move throughout the night, at Fucking Monday you are constantly welcome! Look at our blog “Why everybody goes to Fucking Monday!” here. 


Freedom Supper Club is perhaps the most recent creation in Madrid’s luxurious neighborhood Salamanca. The club re-opened in 2017 with its new name and from that point forward works like a magnet for the nearby top group. Freedom has two stories and an overhang: On the ground floor which has a gallery you hear a Commercial Music blend with a ton of Regaetton impact and on the greater floor first floor it is about House Music and container administration. 

The mystery of the achievement is most likely the best possible determination of the demographic yet in addition the way that Liberty separates itself from the lay on the clubs in Salamanca as far as plan (it is a blend of a New Yorker and Japanese Club) and client treatment. 

The customers is the run of the mill high-class individuals that live in barrio Salamanca which are frequently Master understudies and youthful experts working in the counseling or account division. So dress well to make it inside. 

The club opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On Thursdays the group is somewhat more youthful and worldwide, suppose graduate understudies, and on Friday and Saturday the official age necessity is least 23 years and the group is more the good Spanish group from the barrio. Since the club is so in vogue we prescribe you to be there before 1:00am so as to abstain from holding up time. 

Freedom Supper Club is situated in Calle Juan Bravo 31 with the nearest metro stations being Nuñez de Balboa and Diego de Leon. 

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to go? The ideal spot for a tolerable night out in the most in vogue club in the city. 

Independance Club

Here is the inquisitive reality about Independance Club. It’s anything but a club, it is an occasion concentrating on Rock Music which happens on Fridays and Saturdays. The present setting is Zenith. 

At Independance Club it is about the music. It is the gathering point for Rock Music fans in the city. A few evenings have topics, for example, “Sparkle Party” and others are tributes to the Rock specialists. 

Since the music is Rock you can envision that the clothing standard is very loose and whether you wear a shirt or a Metallica shirt you are welcome. The equivalent can be said about the environment. It is tranquil loose and individuals simply have a ton of fun. 

Independance Club happens on Fridays and Saturdays. On their site you can pursue the list of attendees and the initial 200 to do so have free passage and a free drink. 

Apex Club, the scene where Independance Club happens is in Calla Atocha 127. The nearest metro stations are Sevilla and Sol. 

For what reason would it be advisable for you to go? An absolute necessity for all Rock Music fans! 

Stardust Club 

Established in 2003 Stardust Club hosts developed to the best Techno get-together in Madrid. Combining the best national and worldwide craftsmen with an assorted group gives Stardust Club its extraordinary, unique and exceptionally unique climate. 

The decent variety that exists among the customer base and the earth is the best-stayed quiet of Stardust club and this difference is portrayed by a tolerant and conscious condition for everyone to appreciate a one of a kind clubbing in Madrid. 

Stardust Club happens each Friday and Saturday from 12 PM. Look at the programming of craftsmen on their Facebook page here. 

Stardust Club is situated at Sala Stella, Calle Arlaban 7. The nearest metro station is Sevilla. 

For what reason would it be advisable for you to go? It is unquestionably the must for Techno fans. 


Opium is one of Madrid’s top clubs with the witticism “see and to be seen”! Great setting, great music, delightful individuals and extravagance are the words that portray Opium the most. Now and again you would event be able to see the stars of the neighborhood and worldwide football scene. 

The run of the mill customers of Opium is Madrid’s high society, yet in addition “wannabes” that need to go through a charming night are a piece of the game. 

Opium Madrid opens each night with the greatest evenings being Friday and Saturday. For jug administration please send an email to For list if people to attend just notice you are on list of attendees “Karen Sarto” at the entryway. 


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