Canada tourist visa: a perfect opportunity to be part of a beautiful country

Canada immigration is a really great prospect for immigrants and visitors. Visitors can see the entire varied landscape of this country. Quebec is one of the most amazing places in Canada. This province is French in origin. You can have the most gala time here visiting the following places:

Citadel of Quebec

The Citadel of Quebec must be on your Quebec journey. This Citadel is also a historic site of Canada.

This citadel is a fortification surrounding the Quebec City.Every year 2 lakh visitors come to this place. This place is residence to the Governor of Canada. You must see this place because it is one of the earliest established buildings of Canada. Quebec has visitors coming here to see the Winter Carnival. This carnival includes ice sculptures and has a mascot also called BonHomme.

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Quebec also has other attractions for the visitors here. This city gets so many visitors for its famous cuisine also. Quebec has smoked meat also served in a sandwich. You can have this sandwich with a cherry soda.

Tourtière is another dish consisting of potatoes and meat in the form of a pie which can be savored . Completely scrumptious, you must not forget this dish while you are on a tour of this region.

Tofino Inlet

Tofino beach located on Vancouver Island is also another place to be at while you are in Canada.You can also watch some whales while on a steamer in the midst of the Pacific ocean. The Tofino Inlet is a part of Clayoquot Sound, a structure of water.You can devour the delicacy of fish Tacos which is sold here. Tofino consists of 1,932 residents.

This place is a famous destination for those visiting Canada in the summers. After visiting Tofino, you can also go to the Long Beach which is a part of the Pacific Rim National Park reserve. Situated in British Columbia, this beach has a lot of picnic areas.

You can take Canada visitor visa for a time period of 6 months. This visa is also given for 10 years in case it’s the multiple entry visa.

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Stanley Park

Stanley Park situated in Vancouver in Canada is also one of the most beautiful places in Canada. If you are fascinated by the red orange cedar trees, then you must come to this place. Sit on the benches located in this park next to the Duck Pond. This is a great option to be there.

You can have an unnerving time there while you are there on a family vacation. You can have a great time while you are in this 405 hectares park. So, a visitor visa given for 6 months allows you a massive time, to enjoy the landscape of this country. There are also train and carriage rides for those who want to explore the park. You can also get to stare at the English Bay while cycling through the 8.8 km of this park. You can also walk in the park on the 27 km long trail.

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