DJ Band

Hire a DJ Band or Wedding Band

Hire a DJ Band or Wedding Band

A lot of people are not sure about whether they should choose a band or DJ for their wedding band ireland. Here we show you the pros and cons of both to make it easy for you to decide right.

Pros of Hiring A Live Band


Live music increases the fun and excitement to a great extent. You want to stay a little longer in the event just to enjoy the ceremony. Its great to see guests getting involved in the celebrations and enjoying the night.


Your guests might forget the taste of food, the bride’s dress, and flower arrangements but they will never forget the dancing and party music you play at your wedding reception. The selection of a good band can make your wedding unforgettable.

Hire a DJ Band or Wedding Band


Live singers keep the guests engaged and change the songs as per the mood of people. They add life to the event. They have great experience in the industry and know what it takes to get the crowd up on their feet, but more importantly, keep them on their feet

Cons of Hiring A Live Band


It’s costly to hire a good singing band. Keep this in mind before finalising your decision. But its a once in a lifetime thing that you cannot overlook.

Less Variety

Bands are expert in one style of music mostly. In this way, you might get bored because of monotonous.

Pros of Hiring A DJ

More Variety

The best part of hiring a DJ is you get to listen to a wide variety of music from jazz to upbeat pop numbers. It’s easier for them to switch from one style to another.

Less Space

A DJ can easily adjust in any allotted space quite easily. He can even relocate without any hassle.

Cons of Hiring A DJ

Boring Personality

Some DJs are capable enough to entertain the guest with their talent.  They create fun. If you get a DJ with a not so appealing personality, it turns you off.

Lack of Improvisation

A DJ plays already recorded songs and is unable to improvise according to country, beach or jazz swing wedding.

Whatever decision you take, hire a live band or a DJ,  just make it sure that you enjoy the party to the fullest.


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