Is It Time To Buy Domain Names Containing The Word Marijuana or Marihuana?

The fortunate few individuals that have made big cash on domains over time have visible the cultural changes coming in advance and purchased domain names thus. Who could have idea domains might be so huge? The first area call ever registered, “symbolics.Com” was registered in 1985. Do not that the agency that purchased it now needs they had bought intercourse.Com instead (it’s bought a couple instances already for extra than ten million!)?

Now a few assume another massive cultural shift is coming inside the drug tradition. Buy marijuana online for clinical use is now criminal in lots of states and voters in California are being offered with a risk to allow small amounts for leisure use. As goes California, so goes the rest of the states–as a minimum many humans think. That might suggest that it’s miles most effective a count of time before marijuana can be offered nationwide.. So has the time come to shop for marijuana domains?

A few seemingly appear to suppose so. A current tale within the new york times informed about some of domainers (people who buy and sell domains) who’re having a bet heavily that marijuana can be legalized and some thing with the word marijuana in it’ll be taken into consideration a precious internet commercial enterprise deal with. They hope California’s Proposition 19 will pass permitting ownership of up to an oz of marijuana for leisure use rather than the already allowed use of the drug for clinical use.

A few enthusiastic people have bought as much as one thousand names at eight to ten bucks a pop. Names like Sandiegomarijuana and marijuanaforever.Com. Proposition 19, however, seems to be losing its lead in the poles so you must surprise if it really is the sort of good idea; or, as a minimum, if it’s miles, in truth, an idea whose time has clearly come. Or even if California is going for recreational marijuana the Federal authorities have sworn to retain to prosecute customers. You have to suppose it’ll be a long term earlier than it is legal in say, Utah.

Any other viable con: Marijuana.Com sold a year in the past for 1 million. It really is now not so fantastic thinking about intercourse.Com at thirteen million, slots.Com at 5.5 million and relationship.Com at 1.Seventy five million. Even zip.Com offered recently for more than 1,000,000. That means that the last area call inside the marijuana genre is most effective worth a million; which has to make you marvel if the drop-off to different much less perfect domain names, continually abrupt and deep, makes buying loads of them worthwhile.

So does that suggest the relaxation folks ought to get into the act. Don’t know. You marvel how many exact names may be left after any individual offered one thousand of them. I imply how typically can you say “marijuana” meaningfully. Which brings to thoughts some other query: what’s the real spelling of marijuana? In English it in all likelihood have to be marihuana with an “h.” if you spell it with an “h” in a few phrase processors you may get a pink error line below the phrase. But, if you spell it with an “h” in word, the most popular, you do not get an blunders message. That spells (no pun meant right here) confusion for some American English audio system; and who desires to spend megabucks on an internet cope with as a way to be misspelled by means of a great quantity of capability clients? Do you think the people shopping for them within the thousands are getting both spellings?

Most people, of path, do not have the money to shop for 1000 of some thing at ten dollars a throw an awful lot less 1000 combinations of “0’s” and “1’s” that must be repurchased every yr because it will make an effort but earlier than marijuana domains meet nationwide reputation.

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