Massage Tool, Phoenix A2 Electric Massager Gun Muscle

The gradual-motion movies of the TheraGun in action are particularly dramatic, seeing that you could see the individual waves shape because the rubber mallet smacks down at the skin.

Expert athletes had been spotted with the percussive rubdown-therapy muscle gun, maximum considerably Kyrie Irving, who used it at some point of an NBA Finals sport in 2017. It additionally prices nearly $six hundred.

However just what does the TheraGun do that different massagers which can be a fraction of the price don’t? “this is going that will help you boom your range of motion, on the identical time lowering your ache,” says Dr. Jason S. Wersland, a chiropractor and creator of the TheraGun, “and its efficiency is better because of the frequency and amplitude.”

The high amplitude is what, in his opinion, makes the TheraGun specific than different percussive devices available on the market, just like the TimTam or Hypervolt. In fact, Dr. Wersland adds that even as developing the device, he found out, incredibly counterintuitively, that “the more violently it percussed on my body, the much less pain I felt.”

As captivating because the superstar enchantment and slo-mo movies are, even though, there’s scant data to be had approximately the device’s real efficacy. in the long run, “all it is is just a extra sophisticated rub down device,” says Dr. Charles Kim, a pain-control professional and assistant professor at NYU Langone fitness’s Rusk Rehabilitation.

And although there is a few fact that exceptional frequencies may also have extraordinary consequences on how muscle tissues heal and loosen up, there’s no compelling research in the mean time pronouncing that one frequency of vibration or amplitude

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