Tank Trouble 4

Tank Trouble 4

single player game is the sequel to the Tank Trouble series which comes up with new features and new dramas so that the lovers of this game can enjoy more and further. As we all know, Tank Trouble 4 Single Player is number 1 playing arcade game which is popular among the children and guess what we are offering this game online to you pals for absolutely free of cost.

What’s new in the Tank Trouble 4 Single Player game is that, it randomized all the things at the start of all the level. The randomization thing helps you not to remember the map and assist you in letting go the cheating thing and you focus only on your ability to tackle you enemy.

The new update in Tank Trouble 4 Single Player game is fully fair and this might be the reason why we have seen an immense numbers of players playing tank trouble 4. There’s nothing that you can do about the attack from your enemy, if you have skills of playing with your enemy or tackling them, then you can win or move to the next level. Otherwise we feel bad for you!

The more important thing that we are heading too is Tank Trouble 4 Single Player controls. Yes, let’s talk about the control and let every other thing go away! So here we go

Controls of Tank Trouble 4 Single Player

The most important thing in any game would be the controls of the game and how to play the game. So following are the controls through which you can dominate your opponent and win the game for longer period of time.

  • You can use the mouse to navigate your tank or move your tank to any direction
  • You can interact with left mouse button, or in-short you can bomb your enemy by pressing the left mouse button
  • Arrow keys are used to move the tank from one direction to another and moving the tank in right direction can lead you to the success
  • To Fire you can either you the mouse button or press M button in order to counter your enemy tank

Player 1 Controls for Tank Trouble 4 Multiplayer

Do you really love to include your friends and challenge them to beat you in the game? Then we have a good news for you, and the news is Tank Trouble 4 Multiplayer can help you bring you friends LIVE in the game with latest features, weapons and maps. Following are the controls for Player one

  • A player can navigate and can attack the enemy by pressing the mouse button and Q button can help you in bombing your enemy
  • EDSF button from the keyword can be used to move the tank in any direction

Player 2 Controls for Tank Trouble 4 Multiplayer

If your friends or family member are teasing you while playing the game, then let them come in so that you can take the revenge from them in a much cooler way. Tank Trouble unblocked  4 Multiplayer offering a lot of new users to come and join the game in one go and following are the controls for the player 2 playing

  • Arrow keys can be used for the movement of your Tank
  • And you can use the button M for attacking your enemy Tank



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